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Eczema Treatment and What Causes Baby Eczema?

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Your toddler keeps crying and he just couldn’t sleep because he is suffering from itchy skin and you don’t know what to do. Welcome to parenting! There’s a big chance he might have eczema. So, you better learn how to treat eczema effectively!

Check out baby eczema pictures on the internet. Does it look like it’s eczema on your 3-month-old baby? Yikes, you’re in it for a bumpy ride. But don’t worry! There are many ways and products out there that could help manage your children’s symptoms.

All you need to do is make a few lifestyle changes and use eczema-friendly products like soap, lotion, and even laundry detergent. Eczema may be an inconvenience but it’s not the end of the world, promise!


Baby eczema vs. acne: what’s the difference?

But then, here’s where it gets a bit complicated still. How sure are you that what your little one has are eczema and not acne? The first thing to do is to differentiate the two: baby eczema vs. baby acne.

Baby acne is caused by hormonal changes your baby is going through after birth. They look like pimple marks and can be seen on the cheeks, temples, and forehead.

Do not use over-the-counter acne treatments, face washes, or lotions. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive at this young age. You might make the acne worse or cause additional skin irritation by using something that is too strong. – Healthline

It does not cause any itching and discomfort and will go away on its own. So, no special ointments needed.

Baby eczema, on the other hand, does not have a clear origin. It can be because of allergies or just having dry skin. Flare ups also cause itchiness and an elevated level of discomfort to your baby. Some babies outgrow eczema but it can also be managed through mild baby products.

Another responsible thing to do in childcare is to consult an expert. A pediatrician can easily tell you if it’s baby acne or a rash that requires special attention. He can help you by giving you useful tips and advice.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:


Baby Psoriasis

infant eczema

Psoriasis does not have an apparent cause as of the moment, but most experts think that it’s an autoimmune disease. This means that your baby’s immune system can mistake his skin cells to be foreign and harmful and that’s why it attacks.

Baby psoriasis is rare as the disease most develops typically in adults. However, that doesn’t mean it’s possible for your baby to have it. They look like diaper rashes and are usually found on your baby’s bottom.

If these diaper rashes keep staying even after months of treatment, there’s a big chance its psoriasis. Treating baby psoriasis can be complicated because there’s no clear evidence of the effects psoriasis medicine have on babies.

In most cases, topical steroids may be prescribed to fight this disease. But you can also try using special lotions and creams to keep your baby’s skin well-moisturized.


Baby Rash

Let’s get things straight first so you won’t keep panicking. Rashes (83) are common and most babies will get them.

It’s normal for babies to develop rashes from as early as a few days old, as their sensitive skin adapts to a different environment. – NHS Choices

They can be caused by a number of things: from allergies, viruses, bacteria, and so on. Some rashes won’t even itch or create any sort of discomfort. Most rashes are not harmful and can go away on their own.

But not all. If you find that your baby is feeling uncomfortable or incredibly sick, then his rashes might be indicative of something worse. Take him immediately to your doctor. Baby rashes can be caused by serious diseases like measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever, and etcetera.

It can also be caused by some kind of eczema like atopic dermatitis or seborrheic dermatitis. While some rashes are caused by genetics, there are a few ways to help prevent them from occurring.

One way is to avoid using strong and harsh hygienic products. Make sure to get one that’s specifically for babies or is gentle enough for your baby’s skin. Bathe oils and creams will also go a long way if you want to keep baby’s dry skin moisturized. Lastly, change diapers regularly and have a proper regular hygiene routine.


What is Eczema in Babies?

eczema triggers

To practice better eczema care, you should probably know what eczema is first.

So, how do you know if your baby has eczema?

Eczema shows up as red, crusty patches on your baby’s skin. It often feels dry and itchy. It also shows almost anywhere in your baby’s body.

Eczema can happen because your baby’s body isn’t producing enough ceramide which makes his skin rough and dry, causing it to become irritated. Other triggers include genetics and allergic reactions to certain types of food and irritants. You might even have to change your regular bathing products to a skin friendlier (like an organic wash) and a gentler one.

But don’t worry! Eczema is very treatable and it can even go away on its own as your baby grows up.


How to Get Rid of Baby Eczema

While it is highly treatable and manageable, you cannot get rid of eczema permanently. But with proper lifestyle changes and care, it is possible for your baby to live an almost eczema-free life.


What Causes Eczema in Babies?

So, why do babies get eczema? No one really knows for sure. Baby eczema causes can be triggered by a lot of things. If a parent has eczema or if there’s a history of eczema in the family, your baby’s chances of getting it is high.

Likewise, his nutrition can also have an effect. There might be food triggers he’s been eating that causes eczema in the first place.

If you don’t manage eczema soon, an eczema flare can hinder the development of your child. Toddler milestones might be inhibited for children prone to eczema.


What to Use for Baby Eczema?

That’s why using products specially formulated for baby eczema essential. Luckily for you, most of them can be found in stores and even online. Amazon offers many eczema-safe products that you can choose from.

There are numerous ways to go about choosing. You can opt for creams created by the top doctors in the world using modern, medicinal technology. But you can also take the option of going natural.



Baby Eczema Treatment – Coconut Oil

One effective organic treatment is using coconut oil. Organic virgin coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can help lessen rash formation. It also contains lauric acid, a type of saturated fat that can combat different bacteria and viruses.

Lauric acid is highly absorbable so it can help your baby’s skin stay super hydrated and well-moisturized. Not only that! Coconut has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe your baby’s skin and lessen his discomfort.

But parents, beware! If your baby is taking medications, don’t use coconut oil as it can have worsening effects when combined specific types of medicine. It might be best to talk to your pediatrician first before trying this out.

Read this post for the best coconut oil to use for your baby.


Baby Eczema Natural Remedies

causes of heat rash in babies

There are tons of other natural remedies you can try out. It doesn’t even have to be topical ointments like a baby eczema cream. You can change your baby’s diet or create a nice bath for him, as well.

Seaspray and magnesium baths can help soothe your baby’s rough and irritated skin. Food supplements like fermented cod oil, probiotics, and gelatin can also alleviate the discomfort created by eczema.

There are so many things on the internet that you can try out. Just remember to talk about it with your doctor first. To learn more about using natural remedies to heal baby eczema, read this article.


Eczema in Babies – Foods to Avoid

There are some food items that you can remove (or at least, limit) from your baby’s diet to help manage his eczema episodes. If your baby has allergies, it can increase the symptoms of eczema. Some common allergy triggers are soy, dairy, and nuts.

You might also like to limit fish and gluten from his diet. Sugar can also have an adverse effect so it’s also good to limit food that has high sugar content.

However, fatty fish rich with omega-3 fatty acids is good for your baby. Food that is high in probiotics or quercetin is also good options to try out. Apples, blueberries, broccoli, and kale are some examples of the food your baby can eat safely. Check out this post on more food to avoid.

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8 Best Baby Soap, Cream and Shampoo for Eczema Treatment

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Whether eczema on a 3-month-old baby or happen to any age children are hard to witness. But there are many products out there that can help reduce the symptoms of eczema. Using the best baby soap for eczema and other personal care items are a great way to integrate better eczema care in your baby’s life.

There are many products in the market today that are specially formulated to treat children and babies’ skin gently. Whether you go for pre-packaged ones or homemade natural remedies, treating eczema (like atopic dermatitis) is now easier. All you need is to find the best baby wash for sensitive skin that works for your little one!


Discover the best baby eczema body wash, shampoo, and cream below!

There are many types of personal care items you can seamlessly combine in your baby’s everyday routine. Make use of a moisturizing wash and moisturizing lotion that gently cleanses dry skin as well as sensitive skins.

You can also try out organic solutions like coconut oil as an eczema treatment. Another great way to get rid of irritants is by using a gentle detergent that’s labeled safe for eczema.

But remember that to diminish the symptoms of eczema effectively, you must also make some other lifestyle and dietary changes. Some allergens can be found in the food your baby eats and in the environment you live in.

In this article, we’ll explore:

Best baby wash for eczema
Best baby shampoo for eczema
Best baby eczema cream
Natural remedies for baby eczema
Baby eczema and coconut oil


Best Baby Wash for Eczema

how to treat baby eczema

If you’re looking for the best baby wash and best baby soap for eczema treatment, Amazon has a lot of amazing products to offer. Most are clinically proven to help soothe dry, sensitive skin, so the days when your baby keeps crying because of itchy skin are finally numbered.

Here are a few recommendations for the best baby soap that you can try out:

1. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Baby Bath Treatment

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment with Soothing Natural Colloidal Oatmeal, 5 ct. (Pack of 2)

Aveeno is a household brand for a reason, and that’s because they continually give high quality products that deliver their promises. Aveeno Baby is not different! If you want a calming and fuzz-free bedtime bath for your baby, this soothing bath treatment is the one you need!

It contains five packets of natural colloidal oatmeal that aid in skin protection. When mixed with warm water, it soaks into the skin and creates a protective barrier that attracts moisture so that your baby’s dry and irritated skin can be relieved.

With this product, you won’t even need soap or baby wash since the oatmeal itself can do all the nourishing your baby needs!


2. Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo & Baby Wash

Baby baths don’t need to be exclusively for the body. It’s even better when you can buy a product that can double as shampoo, as well. Well, this one from Puracy is just that! It is created from the essential oils found in a pink grapefruit and other botanical extracts that are proven to help nourish and soothe the skin.
It doesn’t contain any allergens or irritants, so it’s gentle for babies with eczema and other skin-related problems. It can even work for adults! Plant-based moisturizers aid in keeping skin super soft. It even has sea salt which helps purify and balance skin pH.

You don’t need to worry about some of it getting in baby’s eyes because it has a no-tear formula that doesn’t sting. Best of all is that doctors develop it so you know you’re in safe hands.


3. BareBaby Organics Organic Shampoo & Baby Wash

When it comes to children, parents are really concerned about their well-being and health. A fellow set of parents felt the same when they had children and decided to take it a step further. They created this organic shampoo so that they know their children are only getting the best and the safest products there are.

This shampoo from BareBaby is created with organic aloe juice that has lots of vitamins and minerals that are great at keeping skin healthy, moisturized, and well-protected. It is also mixed in with plant-based extracts like cucumber, ginger, and kiwi which are great in revitalizing skin and keeping it moisturized.

Plus, the essential oils from organic orange and grapefruit make it smells bright and bubbly! You know you’re only getting the best when its fellow parents who created the product.


4. Babo Botanicals Moisturizing Shampoo & Wash

Another great 2-in-1 product is this one from Babo Botanicals. It is created from plants like calendula, watercress, chamomile, and aloe which are known for their fantastic skin protecting and soothing properties.

But not only that, but it also contains oatmeal which is also a popular and effective choice for comforting dry and irritated skin. It nourishes the skin and keeps it well-moisturized.

Plus, it’s tear-free and hypoallergenic so you know it’s gentle enough for your baby’s skin. If you’re still a bit iffy about it, don’t worry because it’s not only dermatologist-tested but pediatrician-tested as well!


5. Cetaphil Restoraderm Pro Eczema Calming Body Wash

Cetaphil is another brand well-known for creating top-notch products that are safe for baby’s use. This body wash is no different! It was developed with the help of modern advanced technology and was created with ingredients that help lock in skin hydration.

It contains Niacinamide which is known to lock in moisture in the skin, Ceramide which can soothe dry, itchy skin, and Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid and Arginine which are naturally found in your skin and can help nourish your skin.

It’s also free from parabens and fragrance, so you know it’s very gentle even on the most sensitive of skins.


Best Baby Shampoo for Eczema

1. Elizabeth Parker Naturals Baby Shampoo

Elizabeth Parker Naturals boasts of using only the best ingredients when creating products for you baby, and they have every right to do so. They do their research very well and look for powerful ingredients all over the world just to give you the product you deserve.

This shampoo is created free from chemicals and irritants and is full of natural ingredients like Manuka honey, organic Aloe Vera, and many more. Most of these are known for their skin soothing and nourishing properties, so you know your baby is well taken cared for.


2. Baby Mee Shampoo & Wash

This dual-purpose product from Baby Mee not only does a great job of its task but also ensures that proceeds from your money go to charities for children.

This tear-free shampoo and body wash contains chamomile and calendula extracts known for soothing and cooling rough, flaky skin. It also has a calming effect that’s perfect for bedtime. It includes organic aloe leaf juice which has a whole lot of vitamins and minerals that can keep your baby’s skin well-moisturized and healthy.

The pure honey found in the mix also stops itching since it has antibacterial properties that can heal your baby’s beautiful skin.


3. Phargin Naturals Cradle Cap Shampoo

Dandruff can be the bane of our existence, and it can happen when baby’s skin is super dry and irritated. With Phargin Naturals’ anti-dandruff shampoo, that problem can easily be solved. It’s created with only the best natural ingredients found in the world, so you know it’s safe and gentle enough to use on baby.

It has Tea Tree Oil for its antifungal properties, Argan Oil to help repair damaged skin and prevent further irritation, Jojoba Oil to help moisturize skin, Avocado Essential Oil and Camellia Seed Essential Oil for smoothening rough skin and locking in moisture.

If you’re looking for a good shampoo that can help you get rid of pesky dandruff and a dry, itchy scalp, this is the one for you.


Best Baby Eczema Cream

calendula eczema

Creams are amazing all-around body moisturizers that will help your baby feel immensely better and more comfortable every day. So, it’s a good idea to invest in a jar soon. There are many types of moisturizers out there like diaper cream or body cream.

All these can help soothe and rehydrate your precious baby’s dry and sensitive skin. While they don’t gently cleanse, creams are a great, easy, and convenient way to keep skin moisturized. You can even bring them on the go.

If you’re looking for the best moisturizer for baby eczema, some of the products to look into are:



Natural Remedies for Baby Eczema

There are numerous ways to treat eczema naturally. A natural remedy isn’t restricted to being just a topical ointment you put on your babies skin. It can also be in the form of a diet. Creating specialized eating plans for your little one is an excellent way to reduce the amount of allergens he comes into contact with.

There are supplements like fermented cod oil and probiotics are good for better skin care and overall health. Eating gelatin-rich food is an excellent and enjoyable way to improve skin health and provide your baby with various other vitamins and minerals.

You can also try organic ointments such as coconut oil, sea spray, and magnesium baths. These creams can be bought in the store or created at home. There are also other home accessories you can buy to alleviate your baby’s discomfort. A great example of this is a room humidifier.

If the air in your home is dry, that means your skin will be, too. This is especially a problem during cold-weather months when running the heat sucks moisture away from your skin. Use a cool mist humidifier to help your skin maintain moisture… – Dr. Fenton, Health

While eczema cannot be fully cured, it can easily be managed with the right routine and products. All you need to do is regularly talk to your pediatrician and take the initiative to look for reputable online sites for more tips and advice.


Baby Eczema and Coconut Oil

eczema in children

One of the most well-known natural eczema treatment methods is applying coconut oil to the skin. But does it actually work? Yes, and no.

Like many other remedies, there are many possible factors as to why coconut oil might not work for your baby. He might have an allergy towards coconuts or you’re not using the right type of coconut oil.

Nevertheless, coconut oil is an excellent natural remedy that works for many people, and it’s a good treatment to try. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that reduce rash formation.

My favorite and the best treatment I’ve found to heal eczema is organic virgin coconut oil. The coconut oil stops the itching and flaking too. … Depending on how severe the eczema is, it can be applied three or four times a day or more and at bedtime. You should make sure to get the organic virgin type of coconut oil that is not refined, bleached or deodorized. – Helen Hecker, Street Directory

It also contains lauric acid, a saturated fat that can combat different bacteria and viruses. Lauric acid also aids in skin hydration and can soothe dry skin exceptionally well by reducing inflammation caused by eczema.

What’s nice about coconut oil is that it’s readily available in groceries and it’s relatively inexpensive. Make sure to get 100% organic virgin coconut oil (or cold-pressed). If you can’t find it in your local mall, Amazon has some of the best choices for you.

List Price: $14.00 Price: $9.42 You Save: $4.58 List Price: $20.99 Price: $20.99 List Price: $16.95 Price: $16.95 List Price: $10.84 Price: $10.84 List Price: $14.99 Price: $14.99 List Price: $23.97 Price: $14.97 You Save: $9.00 List Price: $19.99 Price: $15.99 You Save: $4.00 List Price: $12.99 Price: $8.49 You Save: $4.50

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Why Is Using Coconut Oil for The Baby Skin to Treat Eczema Is Effective?

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Parenting is hard, especially if your child has eczema. But don’t worry! There are many natural remedies you can try out. One such baby eczema treatment is coconut oil.

Eczema sufferers, whether only a toddler’ or older, endure the discomfort of very itchy skin that can be caused by a certain allergy they have. Treating eczema through virgin coconut oil can help relieve their sensitive skin and bring them comfort.

Coconut oil for eczema isn’t the only way to treat baby eczema. There are many tips and advice you can get online regarding all sorts of treatments, natural remedies for baby eczema is just one of them.


Discover new products with some coconut oil for eczema reviews!

Managing eczema isn’t impossible, especially now that there are many products specially formulated for atopic dermatitis and other types of eczema. All you need to do is find the best baby eczema cream, lotion, soap, and other necessities (even laundry detergent !) that works best for your little one.

Yes, that does mean going out of your way but ensuring you have products like these one hand can help lessen the uncomfortable feeling your baby has, and alleviate the itchiness he feels. It can even soother dry skin. There are a number of antibacterial products that can help you out, organic or not.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:


The 5 Best Oil for Eczema

baby acne treatment

When it comes to treating eczema, you would want to do it as soon as you can! Constant scratching can cause scarring eventually and no one wants that for their kids. Good thing there are many different oils for eczema that you can purchase and try out. These products will help hydrate the dryness of your baby’s skin, reduce inflammation, and soothe itchiness.

Here are a few recommendations of oils that help eczema:

1. Pur360 Tamanu Oil

Pur360 Tamanu Oil - Pure Cold Pressed - Best Treatment for Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne Scar, Foot Fungus, Rosacea - Relief for Dry, Scaly Skin, Blisters and More

If you want an organic variety from only the highest quality, try the Tamanu Oil from Pur360. Its Tamanu oil comes from the beautiful tropical islands of Polynesia. It is also USDA certified to be organic, so you know you’re only getting first-rate and the purest oil there is. You are guaranteed that no harmful chemicals are added to the mix.

Tamanu oil is known for its incredible ability to promote the formation of new tissue which means faster growth of healthy, glowing skin. This is an excellent trait to have for people and babies that suffer from skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. This oil is a fantastic natural moisturizer as well.

It even comes in a pump bottle so that you only get the right amount without spilling any leftover.


2. Teddy Organics Organic Rosehip Oil

Try the wonder salve that Indians from high up in the mountainous areas of Southern Chile swear by. Rosehip Oil has proven that it actually works and people have been using it for centuries. This oil is truly rich in nutrients that can help manage eczema your baby has.

From fatty acids like Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 that improve the skin’s barrier, it also has antioxidants and beta-carotene and Vitamin C that help fight off free radicals that cause diseases. Rosehip oil is also amazing moisturizer that can help soothe dry, irritated skin, reduce inflammation and the appearance of scars.

It can also be used by adults as it can minimize fine lines and slow down skin aging as well. It can even lessen stretch marks and soothe burns.


3. Sky Organics Sweet Almond Oil

Almond Oil is another fantastic natural moisturizer that you just have to try! Aside from being safe for sensitive skin, it’s also rich with many antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins that help nourish, hydrate, and heal the skin.

It can even relieve skin rashes and hair loss. You can also use it for lightening the dark circle under your eyes. Not only can it help alleviate your baby’s eczema symptoms, but you can use it for so many things as well!


4. RejuveNaturals Tamanu Oil

Another great Tamanu Oil is from the brand, RejuveNaturals. It is made to be 100% organic so you know you’re getting a brand that’s the highest quality with no harsh chemicals added. That’s right; it’s paraben-free, fragrance-free, and alcohol-free.

It can heal cuts and burns, soothe insect bites, relieve eczema and psoriasis, and even lessen the discomfort done by sunburns and blisters. It can also reduce foot and body odor. If you want an all-around product that’s 100% safe and gentle on the skin, this is the product to get.


5. Coco & Co. Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin

Not all coconut oils will work if you want to use it for eczema purposes. Make sure to get raw, organic virgin coconut oil like this one from Coco & Co. It contains a lot of essential vitamins and nutrients that will benefit your skin and hair.

Best of all is that you can even use it to cook your meals! You get to create fantastic skin concoctions that can soothe your baby’s dry and irritated skin and have a healthier option when it comes to food. That’s a win-win situation right there.


How Does Coconut Oil Help Eczema?

baby acne remedies

When it comes to coconut oil, most people with eczema can definitely benefit from it. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help lessen rashes from forming. It contains lauric acid, which is a type of saturated fat that can fight against different bacteria and viruses.

Not only that, but coconut oil also helps hydrate and soothe dry skin because of lauric acid is highly absorbable. It can reduce inflammation caused by eczema and lessen the uncomfortable feeling that comes with that.

But not all coconut oils work. Be sure to use organic coconut oil, of either the cold pressed or virgin variety.

Coconut Oil for Eczema: Worse

Some parents have reported that coconut oil made baby eczema worse. That’s okay and normal. Do take note that this is highly plausible due to the fact that everyone has a different set of genetics at play. What works for most people does not necessarily mean it works for everyone else.

First off, your baby might already be using medication prior to using coconut oil. Sometimes these two don’t go together. If your kid is indeed drinking medicine, talk to your pediatrician first.

Another thing you need to worry about is allergies. People who are allergic to walnuts and hazelnuts might be allergic to coconuts as well. If your baby has these allergies, it’s best not to use coconut oil at all.

Then, you also need to remember that the coconut oil might not be working because your baby is still exposed to a lot of triggers that make eczema happen. Make sure that your little one is keeping with a diet that helps manage eczema. Cut off the triggers and the coconut oil might just work.

As soon as you notice that the coconut oil isn’t working for your precious baby, stop using it. Consult your pediatrician. He might want to run some tests to see why it’s not effective. At the very least, he can help you find another option that’s a better fit for your baby’s situation.


How to Use Coconut Oil for Eczema?

baby acne on face

There are many ways to use coconut oil for eczema, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be for babies only. Even adults with eczema can benefit from using coconut oil to get a little bit of eczema relief.

Here are some ways to use coconut oil for eczema:

  • Apply Directly to the Skin. The easiest way to use coconut oil is to apply it directly on the eczema-prone part of your body. Do this three times a day for better results.
  • Eat It with Your Food. The most effective way for coconut oil to work is to drink 2-4 tablespoons of it per day. But if you don’t feel comfortable drinking oil, you can always mix it with your food.
  • Make a Washable Soothing Mask. Mix 2 tablespoons of rosemary oil, 2 tablespoons of vitamin E oil, and 5 tablespoons of coconut oil together to create a soothing mask. Apply this on the eczema-prone parts of your skin and leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse after use.

Coconut Oil for Eczema: Before and After

Like what was said before, coconut oil might not work for a number of different reasons. But with your pediatrician’s go signal, it can still help to try out this natural remedy. After all, it’s a very affordable and widely available solution.

Trying out coconut oil can be the difference between being more comfortable or uncomfortable daily, and for many people, it has been life-changing. Looking at before and after pictures of people with eczema might just be the motivation you need to try it out. So, don’t cross it off your list!



How Long Does It Take For Coconut Oil To Cure Eczema?

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t instantly see any difference once you start using coconut oil. How good it works can very well depend on how severe the flare-up is and your baby’s sensitivity to coconut itself.

It usually takes at least a month before you can see any visible difference, so be patient.


Is Baby Oil Good For Eczema?

Baby oil is a good side product when it comes to managing the symptoms of eczema. But don’t rely on it entirely. You can always add a few drops when taking a bath for more hydration but be sure to use gentle soaps and shampoos still.

Baby oil is created with mineral oil and fragrance. The former is a safe and effective moisturizer. But fragrance isn’t always that mild. So better get one that’s fragrance-free, at least!

List Price: $27.00 Price: $14.97 You Save: $12.03 List Price: $38.99 Price: $21.47 You Save: $17.52 List Price: $29.99 Price: $14.95 You Save: $15.04 List Price: $13.73 Price: $12.99 You Save: $0.74 List Price: $21.00 Price: $19.95 You Save: $1.05

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How to Treat Baby Eczema With Safe Natural Remedies

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The hardest part of parenting is when your child keeps crying and hurting but you don’t know what to do with it. Are your little ones’ skins showing blemishes and signs of itching? You might want to learn about how to treat baby eczema with natural remedies and whatnot.

Home remedies for eczema in children is a great way to relieve the discomfort that it causes your baby, and is a step forward in their health journey to better wellbeing. Learning how to treat eczema means getting it diagnosed with your pediatrician, knowing more about eczema treatment, and discovering special lotions and oils that can help your little tyke feel a whole lot better.


Find out how to treat eczema naturally!

There can be many health triggers that can cause eczema, most common of which is allergies. That’s why it’s essential for you to know what those are for your baby so you can help narrow down the ingredients that will come in contact with his sensitive skin.

Most importantly, you will be able to determine which types of hygiene products you can use for him, like special soaps and detergents. But before you seek an eczema baby natural treatment or any other kind of eczema cure, you must first know what eczema actually is.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:


What is Eczema?

jaggery for eczema

Eczema is the general name of a group of skin conditions that causes the skin to become itchy and inflamed, making it look red. There are six types of eczema:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Dyshidrotic eczema
  • Nummular eczema
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Stasis dermatitis

Eczema is actually very common in the United States, with over 30 million Americans inflicted by a certain form of eczema. It usually develops in babies and kids and can go away as they transition into adulthood.

However, adults can also develop eczema. Don’t worry. Eczema isn’t contagious and is highly manageable. There are many kinds of treatments available, may it be over the counter prescriptions or home remedies for eczema on legs and other parts of your baby’s body.

But before diving into that, you should know what to look out for if your little one might have eczema.


Eczema Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms can make maintaining your baby’s skin and health better overall. Here are some of the symptoms of eczema you need to look out for:

  • Extreme itchiness
  • Rough, scaly skin
  • Very inflamed and red skin
  • Dark patches of skin
  • Swelling

If you notice these things happening, get your baby diagnosed. The sooner that’s done, the sooner you can treat it.


Eczema Home Remedies

ghee for eczema

There are many natural ways to treat eczema. A natural remedy can range from a type of bath to a kind of diet. You can try coconut oil, sea spray, and magnesium baths as types of topical treatments to help alleviate the discomfort that comes with eczema. For supplements you can take to lessen the causes of eczema, you can try fermented cod oil, probiotics, and gelatin to name a few.

All you need to do is look into reputable online sites and try them out. Why not watch this video and discover how easy it is to make your own DIY eczema cream? This page by Wellness Mama can help you get started. Remember to clear anything you want to try with your doctor first to be absolutely safe.


Best Baby Eczema Cream Reviews

1. YoRo Naturals Organic Manuka Honey Baby Eczema Cream

Organic Manuka Honey Baby Eczema Cream, Psoriasis Cream, Rosacea Cream, Dermatitis Cream and Diaper Rash Cream | Gentle for Babies & Children, Creamy Balm Provides Instant Relief for Severe Dry Skin

If you don’t want to make a homemade cream but still want to use an organic product, this one by YoRo Naturals is a good alternative. This natural and GMO-free eczema cream is rich in soothing agents that is great as a diaper rash cream for your toddler or newborn.

It is thick and moisturizing without that oily and greasy feeling most creams and lotions are associated with. You can apply it on inflamed or severely dry skin and it will not burn or sting. That’s extremely helpful if your child’s skin already has open wounds.

Since it’s made up of Manuka Honey from New Zealand, you are guaranteed of its fantastic antibacterial properties that form healing protection from infection. It’s a great all-around rash cream and can even provide instant relief to small cuts and burns. Now that’s what you call a natural eczema treatment!


2. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Another great product to try out is the Eczema Therapy cream produced by Aveeno. Aveeno is a skincare brand well-known for its high quality and high performing products. So, buying from this brand is a guarantee that you’re getting only the best treatment there is.

This moisturizing cream features ceramide, which is an essential lipid that the skin produces to enhance its own natural protective functions. It is also created with colloidal oatmeal which helps maintain and attract moisture to the skin so that it won’t dry too much. Aside from a regular oatmeal bath, this moisturizing cream can help soothe your baby’s dry and irritated skin.

Plus, it’s highly recommended by many dermatologists because it’s been clinically tested to work, and they know it’s gentle enough for your baby’s skin.


3. Mustela Stelatopia Emollient Cream

Mustela is another well-known skincare brand that you can trust. Its emollient cream and other products from the Eczema-Prone Skin Collection are enriched with Avocado which helps protect and give moisture to your baby’s dry and itchy skin. It is also formulated with sunflower oil which is known for maintaining a highly moisturized skin barrier and soothing the skin during flare-ups.

If you want a complete skincare routine that’s safe for your baby and is sensitive enough for his delicate condition, then try out the other products in Mustela’s Eczema-Prone Skin line.


4. Elizabeth Parker Naturals Calendula Ointment Baby Balm

The Calendula ointment is another natural product that you can try out if you want to lessen the effects of irritants on your baby’s skin. It is enriched with both honey and calendula which are known to soothe dry, itchy and irritated skin instantly.

It is also designed with beeswax which is a naturally occurring form of wax and relieve your little one’s rashes and skin irritation for maximum comforts. Plus, this product was created with only plant-based ingredients so you know it’s definitely safe and gentle enough for your baby.

Best of all, the calming properties of Lavender can help relax your sweet child before bedtime. With this product, you can provide a more holistic form of wellness for your baby.


5. Bee Real Skin Care Baby Aloe Cream with Manuka Honey

The last product on our list is another organic product that will definitely keep your baby’s skin happy and healthy. Bee Real makes products that are vegan, gluten-free, and non-comedogenic.

This cream is also free from artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates so you’re guaranteed that most irritants will not be present.

It is excellent at soothing and calming the skin because of ingredients like organic Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera which are known for relieving itchy and sensitive skin. Plus, it has moisturizing properties so you don’t need to keep track of multiple skincare products.


How to Cure Eczema Permanently?

eczema cure diet

One question that’s very commonly asked is: how do you get rid of eczema?

The discomfort associated with eczema can be a huge problem for some people so it’s not surprising that many want to know how to cure eczema fast. Most medical practitioners will say that there is no cure for eczema. The only thing you need to do is to treat it.

While that may be true, eczema can be managed easily and that will help lessen the discomfort your baby feels. By adapting several lifestyle changes like using hygiene products specially formulated for sensitive skin, being more conscious of the diet your baby consumes and living in an area where environmental pollution is low, you can live an almost eczema-free life.


Best Remedy for Eczema

There is no one best remedy for eczema. Adapting to lifestyle changes is the easiest and most fool-proof way of treating eczema successfully. It is essential to make adjustments in diet and other everyday factors that can affect your baby.


Eczema Relief

Aside from the obvious benefits of getting rid of the itching, treating eczema also has other implications you need to keep in mind. The rashes and inflammation that eczema can cause in your child’s skin will be very visible and it will not look good.

By treating his eczema, you are also saving your baby from the trauma and low self-confidence that his skin condition might bring as he gets older. Not only does keeping eczema at bay relieve physical factors, but it can also alleviate possible emotional factors as well.

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