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7 Best Electronic and Standard Dart Boards (Quick Buy Guide & Reviews)

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When you are planning a party, you will defiantly like to plan something exciting and interesting for your friends, kids and family to enjoy themselves to the maximum, right? How about getting your hands on the best electronic dart board and playing it with your friends? Whether you are an enthusiast player or a novice, playing dart will always be fun.

Soft Tip Dart Board


Darts have evolved from being just a game that you could find in your local bar to being one of the best games you can play alone or with your friends and family. However, being a beginner, there may be some problems that you may dread like throwing the sharp darts, not being able to understand the coring process or some other problems.So, instead of picking up the old-fashioned dart board with sharp darts, why don’t you choose an electronic soft tip dart board?

Best Electronic Dart Board Reviews (Electronic and Non-Electronic Versions)

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

Winmau is known to produce some of the best dart boards and Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard is one of them. The Winmau dartboard is an innovative dart board, which consists of two layers of sisal fiber packed together with an inner layer of high compression fiber.

The two layers enhance the board’s durability and you don’t need to worry about the board falling apart after few games. There are hundreds of positive dart board reviews, which can be checked before making the purchase. Moreover, the additional scoring surface on the trebles makes it one of the best choices for novices as well as professionals.


  • ​Winmau dart boards are one of the most advanced dart boards which consist of a layer of high compression fiber sandwiched between two layers of sisal fiber for board durability.
  • It includes an excellent scoring surface which provides 14% decrease in the web surface area.
  • Triple Wheel lock-and-level system secures the dartboard to any surface.
  • Carbon diffusion technology which helps provides incredible durability in the bullseye ring.


  • ​No apparent cons.

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard


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Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard

An excellent choice among many electronic soft tip dart board, the Best Choice Products dartboard comes integrated with electronic LCD display that helps you keep track of the score throughout the game. The set comes with 12 soft tip darts and a built-in storage compartment to store them easily.

More than 27 games with 216 variations can be played by 8 players at a time on this electronic dartboard. It also comes with energy saving feature and automatically enters the sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.


  • Comes with integrated LCD display
  • 12 darts in two different colors with storage compartment
  • 27 games with 216 variations
  • Up to 8 players can play at a given time
  • Power save mode activates after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Easy to clean and store
  • No assembly required


  • Some customers have reported poor after service.


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NCS Grade*


Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

The Fat Cat Electronx Dartboard with Cabinet comes loaded with 38 games and 167 scoring options. Up to 8 players can play this game at once. This is one of the best electronic dartboards with a cabinet that has been intelligently designed and features durable thermoplastic segments which are specially designed to withstand years of playing.

The target face is surrounded by a large catch ring which creates a 360 degrees landing zone for any shot that is missed, thus protecting your walls. Moreover, the board’s concave segment holes and ultra-thin spider allows for tighter shot groupings along with a large surface area which reduces the bounce outs and increases the ration of landed shots.


  • Suitable for kids and adults alike
  • Plenty of games to choose from
  • Multiple players can play
  • Easy to mount


  • No apparent cons.


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Viper Razorback Sisal/Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard with Staple-Free Spider

Viper is a well-known brand in the world of dart boards. When it comes to picking up the best board between viper vs. arachnid dart board, Viper is the clear winner. The Viper Razorback Dartboard is constructed out of self-healing sisal bristle fibers which are compressed together to provide unsurpassed durability.

The Viper Razorback comes with a staple-free spider which utilizes razor thin galvanized wires that helps to significantly increase the surface area, thus reducing bounce outs. It is an official tournament sized board which measures 18 inches in diameter. It easily accommodated both soft tip darts and steel tip darts.


  • Officially tournament sized board
  • 100% staple-free spider dartboard
  • It is constructed out of self-healing sisal bristle for unsurpassed durability
  • Use razor thin galvanized wires
  • Reduces bounce-outs
  • It easily accommodates soft tip and steel tip darts


  • Uneven scoring surface


Rating / Grade

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NCS Grade*


DMI Sports Bandit Staple-free Bristle Dartboard

The World Darts Federation (WDF) approved Bandit as one of the dartboard suppliers in the world cup and it is being seen as one of the rivals of Nodor and Winmau. Many professional dartboards are made by this brand too.

The DMI Sports Bandit Dartboard is an innovative dart board which effectively reduces bounce-outs by offering cutting-edge wiring system. This bristle dartboard comprises of interlocked bristle which embedded thin steel bands instead of the wire spider. With this dart board, you can enjoy playing darts without any hassle that are generally associated with low-quality boards.


  • This board is staple free
  • It provides 10% extra playing area
  • Constructed with top quality sisal fibers and razor-thin spider wire
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Has power coated numbers
  • Official world cup board since 1999
  • Comes with improved, rigid mounting structure


  • Some customers have reported quality control issues


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Other Recommended DartBoards




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What Is The Best Electronic Dartboard?

We liked Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard as one of the best non-electronic dartboards. On the other hand, the best electronic dart board cabinet is the Best Choice Products Electronic Dartboard. These boards have everything you will need for hours of fun at your work or home.

The Different Types of Dart Board


If you ask us, “what is the best dart board on the market?” we will defiantly say that electronic dart boards are trending. However, there are plenty of other kinds of dart boards you can get your hands on. So before you buy your first dart board, make sure you have enough knowledge about different type of boards.

​Non-Electronic Dart Boards

Bristle dart board

One of the most popular and common types available in the market – bristle dartboards feature sisal fiber materials which are glued together to the back of the board. So when the darts are removed off the board, the holes automatically close up. This is a long lasting option as compared to its competitors.

Coiled paper dart board

If you are not an enthusiast and still want to enjoy playing darts with your kids, you can get your hands-on the coiled paper dart board instead of investing in an expensive dart board cabinet set. It is a much cheaper version of dart board; however, it is more prone to damage.

Wooden dart board

If you are planning to pick up something more traditional, you can get your hands on wooden dart board. Nowadays, they are not as common as they used to be. However, you can still find one online if you want to.

​Electronic Dart Boards

Regulation size dart board

Then there’s this category of the electronic dart board. Initially, these boards were designed to be used in bars, however, due to their increasing popularity; companies have started designing them for home use. The regulation size electronic dart board looks similar to traditional boards and is the most popular type of electronic dart board.

Children sized dart board

The children sized electronic dart boards are specially designed for kids or for parents who will be playing with their kids. They are similar to the regular sized dart board; however, just smaller in size.

Cyber play board

If you are in a competitive mood, the cyber play board will be the best choice. These boards are linked with each other and thus allow players to play against each other, without being physically present at the same place. But you need an Internet connection to get it work, though. You can find this either soft-tip or steel tip electronic dart board mostly in bars or clubs.

Features to Look At Dart Boards

After you have decided on the type of dartboard you want, there are still some important features to look into before spending your hard-earned money. Here are some of the features of each board that will help you determine which is the right one for you.


While looking for the best dartboard, you can easily get one of the best electronic dart board under 100 or go in with one that costs you hundreds of dollar. Instead of purchasing solely on the cost of the dart board, try looking into other features as well. While an expensive board may be too complicated to use, the cheaper version may fall apart after few uses. Therefore, make sure to set your budget and know what you can afford.

Number of games

To get the most out of your dartboard, make sure to look for one that comes loaded with a number of different games. Moreover, it must come along with an instruction book which makes it easy to play each game. By getting your hands on the best electronic dart board that comes with multiple games and settings, you will be able to have fun for couples of hours at a stretch.

Number of players

If you are hosting your friends, make sure you have a versatility to play with lots of people. For every board, see how many players can play at once to make sure the score is calculated accurately. Don’t forget to get additional darts too.

Accessories included

While a professional electronic dart board may seem to be a cheap investment for some; however, make sure it comes with all the required accessories and there is no need to purchase extra darts, tips or other essential accessories. Look for an inclusive set that comes with everything you need to start playing the game right away.

Wrapping Up

Playing on dartboard can be one of the favorite hobbies of many kids and adults. Therefore, to keep your kids and your own self safe, make sure to invest in the best dart boards. The above featured products were some of the best electronic dart board and non-electronic dartboard games that come with soft tip darts or steel tip darts.

However, if you want to include some more interesting elements in your party along with dart board games, how about getting your hands on air hockey tables? We have written a quick buy guide and how you which one if the best to buy. You can read the post, here.

List Price: $64.99 Price: $64.99 List Price: $47.96 Price: $47.96 List Price: $169.99 Price: $113.99 You Save: $56.00 List Price: $59.99 Price: $49.95 You Save: $10.04 List Price: $79.99 Price: $61.58 You Save: $18.41

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Things You Should Know About Pregnancy, PMS and Breast Tenderness

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A missed menstrual cycle is often perceived as the first sign of pregnancy. However, it may not always be the case. Many women find it difficult to figure out whether they are pregnant or are about to start their period or have PMS.

PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a group of symptoms which are generally linked to the menstrual cycle. You may experience PMS one or two weeks before your periods start and the symptoms seize once you get your periods. PMS symptoms can be extremely similar to the early pregnancy symptoms.

Do you often confuse breast tenderness before period vs. early pregnancy sign? If so, you are not alone. If you are unaware whether you are pregnant or are just experiencing PMS, we are here to help you.

Breast Tenderness Before Period vs. Early Pregnancy Sign

What is PMS?


Menstruation or periods, as they are more often called, is a process of bleeding from the vagina that occurs after every 28 days. The menstruation begins during puberty and lasts until the age of 50. During this time, the uterus sheds its lining because the pregnancy did not occur. All through this time many women may experience bloating, cramping, breast tenderness and mood change.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome is a condition which is defined by physical and psychological symptoms that develop after you ovulate and ends once you get your periods. These symptoms generally include fatigue, irritability, food craving, depression, breast tenderness, acne, and crying. While a majority of women, generally 90% of women, experience these symptoms, approximately 10% women experience severe PMS.

What Are First Signs of Pregnancy and PMS?

Women during the early stages of pregnancy experience a number of different symptoms that generally signs toward pregnancy. The early signs of pregnancy, seen in the first 2 weeks and the PMS are almost same. These include:


Mood swings are common signs of early pregnancy and PMS. These changes generally are characterized by anxiety, crying spells, depression, irritability and more.

Nausea or vomiting

A woman may experience morning sickness or nausea as the early sign of pregnancy.

Missed period

A missed period is considered as one of the most prominent sign of early pregnancy. However, periods can be delayed owing to a number of factors like emotional stress or medications.


You can feel fatigue when your periods are approaching or it can even be one of the early signs of pregnancy.

Swollen or tender breasts

Breast pain, enlargement, tenderness, or swelling can occur in early pregnancy or before you have your periods. During this time, the breast may feel heavy and become sensitive to touch in both the conditions.

Increased urination

You may feel increased urge to urinate if you are about to have your periods or are pregnant.


Digestive disturbances such as constipation may be experienced during both the scenario owing to the hormone progesterone. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or during the second half of the periods can lead to constipation.

Food craving

You may not have like anything sweet throughout your life, but suddenly now you may be craving for ice cream. Your appetite may increase and you may gorge on food which you may not have liked in the past. These signs don’t indicate pregnancy as they are not the early signs of pregnancy; rather they indicate that you are PMS-ing.

Abdominal cramping

Abdominal cramps can indicate both pregnancy and PMS. However, you will be able to differentiate between the two as cramping when pregnant last longer than abdominal cramping you will experience during PMS.

However, it may sound surprising that you are not considered pregnant in the first week of pregnancy. A 40-week calendar is used to measure pregnancy and day one begins on the last day of your menstrual cycle. A woman is considered pregnant at the end of week two or in the third-week beginning.

Breast Pain Before Period vs. Early Pregnancy


Swollen breasts before period are a sign of PMS. Breast soreness and swelling can occur during the second half of the periods. The tenderness can vary from mild to severe and the most severe pain generally happens right before the beginning of the menstrual cycle. However, women in the childbearing age can experience more severe symptoms of period-coming as compared to their counterparts.

Tip: Reduce breast pain with a cold pack like the Lansinoh TheraPearl. Breastfeeding mothers use it to reduce breast engorgement pain. It can be used to smooth breast pain too.

During PMS-ing, the breast tissue may feel dense and bumpy. Thus, you may have a feeling of breast fullness along with dull yet heavy pain. However, you may experience an improvement in the pain, once your periods start as the progesterone level will begin to decrease during that time.

On the other hand, when you are pregnant, your breast may feel sore, tender and sensitive to touch. Your breast may also feel heavier and full during the first two weeks and beyond after you have conceived. This generally occurs because the progesterone levels are high during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy and PMS Cramps

Now, are you wondering, “How to tell the difference between period cramps and pregnancy cramps?” If yes, the answer is simple.

When you have PMS, the cramps generally occur 24 to 48 hours before the periods start. This phenomenon is known as dysmenorrheal and the pain decreases when periods start and go away once the blood flow stops.

In a majority of case, the menstrual cramps get better as you age or after your first pregnancy. However, exceptions are always there and some women will experience cramping once they reach the menopause stage.

So, Where Do Pregnancy Cramps Occur?

On the other hand, a woman will experience light or mild cramping in the early days of being pregnant. These cramps generally mimic the cramps you feel during your periods. However, you will feel the pain only in your lower back or lower stomach.

If you have previously lost your pregnancy, make sure you consider these symptoms and take care of yourself. However, if the symptoms don’t subside, make sure to get in touch with your doctor. Here it must be remembered that you can experience the cramps for months while pregnant.

But if the cramps are followed by bleeding, get in touch with a doctor immediately. Never let a prolong cramps go unattended especially if you are expecting a pregnancy.

Breast Tenderness and Pregnancy

Are breast tenderness and early pregnancy associated? What does breast tenderness feel like in early pregnancy? These are some of the most commonly asked questions by first-time mothers. Yes, breast tenderness and pregnancy are closely associated and breast tenderness happens because of the increased levels of progesterone and estrogen.

The production of estrogen causes a response of the mammary tissue within the breast which causes the tenderness. Moreover, the increased blood flow makes the breast painful to touch. Over the nine months of pregnancy, you can portably gain up to two cup sizes as there will be extra bulk coming from blood, milk and extra fatty tissue.

Tip: Sometime partners might not understand why women experience breast tenderness during pregnancy. Some partners might have perceived that his wife is no longer interested in intimacy since the breast is a “no-go” during pregnancy. A good explanation will make the partner understand and so they do not get the wrong idea.

Sore breasts are generally believed to be the first sign of pregnancy as progesterone shoots up in the first three months, thus stimulating the breast glands which respond by enlarging in size. During the first trimester, you may experience rapid enlargement of the breast gland. This enlargement stretches the ligament which causes breast tenderness and pain.

Breast tenderness occurs during the first trimester and subsides as the pregnancy proceeds. However, it varies from individual to individual as some women experience severe breast tenderness while others not so much.

How to Relieve Sore Breasts During Pregnancy?

Sore breast is a major pain during early pregnancy; however, there are plenty of ways to deal with the situation. But, as breast tenderness is caused by hormonal imbalance, no medication is available to make it feel better. Some of the best ways to relieve sore breasts during pregnancy are:

Wear a Sports Bra

Minimizing the movement of the breast can help you ease pain and this is when a sports bra can help. A sports bra works by holding the breast very close to the chest and preventing any kind of jiggling movement throughout the day. Therefore, be sure to measure yourself well, before investing in a sports bra.

Sleep in a Bra

Sleeping in your bra while pregnant will help minimize movement and also help with tenderness. However, make sure not to choose a bra with underwire. Sports bra works excellent as they keep the breast close to the chest. So if you are feeling comfortable wearing a sports bra, make sure to sleep with it on.

Avoid Spray Shower

Some women may even experience pain when the water hit their breast, therefore make sure to avoid the spray of the shower as it can be a painful scenario. Opt for warm showers and bath using a bucket and mug.

Breast Pads Can Help Too

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, your nipples will become painful too. Therefore, if the lining of the bra is causing pain, invest in some breast pads. These pads will shield your nipples from the bra lining and decrease the pain you may be experiencing.

Wrapping Up

The good news is that you will experience breast tenderness during early pregnancy and as the pregnancy will proceed, the pain will go away on its own. Do not worry if you have sore breasts as it is a sign of early pregnancy.

So how are you dealing with breast tenderness before period vs. early pregnancy sign? Let us know more about your techniques in the comments below!

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Is It Safe to Take Hot Showers While Pregnant? (Risks vs Benefits)

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A hot bath soothes your pain, aching body and refreshes your mind. It also helps you relax after a long tiring day. When pregnant, you may experience body aches, tiredness, and pains. Thus, you may choose to opt for long hot showers while pregnant to get some relief from the pain. But the question that arises here is “Are long hot showers really safe for a pregnant woman?” Well, the answer is not as simple as it may look like.

Taking Hot Showers While Pregnant


Taking a hot shower while pregnant can be a safe option if you are not letting your body get overheated. Therefore, it is essential to understand what the term “hot” actually means here. In some instances, the doctor may even recommend you a warm bath as it will help you soothe the pain while allowing you to relax. However, you must restrain yourself from taking long hot baths as it can overheat your body which can have a harmful effect on your unborn baby.

During the first trimester of your pregnancy, hot showers must be avoided as it can lead to possible congenital disabilities in the fetus. Moreover, during the later stages of pregnancy, i.e., during the second and the third trimester, extremely hot baths can lead to dehydration which can cause a number of complications in the unborn baby.

Are Hot Tubs The Alternative?

No, hot tubs are not alternative to hot showers and should be avoided during pregnancy. Hot tubs pose health and development risk to the unborn baby as when you are soaking in the tub; the body temperature can rise quickly causing your body to overheat. This will further lead to hyperthermia which is a condition caused by the overheating of the body and leads to a steep fall in the blood pressure.

During pregnancy, there is approximately 50% more blood which is running in the body and a low BP often decrease the amount of oxygen and nutrients which are being passed on to the baby. Therefore, it can lead to complications for the unborn baby.

When you are taking hot showers during pregnancy, you may not experience a rise in your body temperature immediately. However, raising the body temperature beyond 102 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to serious complications. Hence, it is best to avoid long hot showers while you are pregnant.

Are Hot Baths Safe During Pregnancy?


As a pregnant woman, you want to stay comfortable while thinking about the safety of your child as well. Here are some possible effects of hot showers during pregnancy on baby and mother.

Effects on Mother

Long hot baths or saunas can increase the core body temperature which can increase the risk of congenital neural disabilities in babies while causing dehydration in mothers. Hot baths can cause heat exhaustion leading to weakness, irritability, confusion, thirst or blurred vision in mothers.

The heat can also cause cramps in legs or lead to fainting, due to a decrease in blood pressure, in some instances. If you are opting for saunas, it increases the risk of heat strokes and can even lead to a life-threatening emergency condition. Therefore, it is important to avoid hot tubs and saunas while you are pregnant and maintain a bath temperature when pregnant.

Effect on the Baby

With the increase in the core body temperature of the mother, the fetus can get severely affected. The common birth effects generally associated with an increase in the mother’s body temperature are the ones that affect brain and spine of the fetus.

Neural Tube Defects or NTD is spinal cord and brain defects that are caused by hot temperature. The first trimester is vital for the spinal development and safe neural tube formation; therefore, you should not opt for hot showers during first trimester.

Increase in the mother’s body temperature increases her heart rate and blood supply. Thus, as the blood supply increases to the skin, the blood supply to the fetus decreases which can further leads to complications.

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Hot Baths and Birth Defects

Hot baths and saunas are often linked to birth defects in babies. Babies of women who use saunas or opt for hot showers during pregnancy are at higher risk of spina bifida or brain defects as compared to women who choose to avoid them.

Exposing fetus to heat, whether from hot water shower or from fever to the mother are at a higher risk of developing neurological defects. Apart from neural tube defect in babies, the babies may experience other problems such as gastroschisis or oesophageal atresia.

However, there have been no reports of women giving birth to stillborn babies if they choose to spend 20 minutes daily in a sauna. However, it’s still best to skip sauna altogether while you are pregnant.

Safety Concern to Keep in Mind

While taking hot baths in late pregnancy or at any time throughout the pregnancy cycle, there are few safety concerns, which you must keep in mind. These are:

  • You should never ignore the signals of discomfort or overheat given out by your body.
  • Fainting is a crucial sign of overheating. However, there are plenty of other signs that you must look into before you faint. These signs include increased sweating, redness of skin, difficulty in breathing, increased heart rate, dizziness and more
  • Choose to have slightly warm showers or cool water shower, instead of hot water baths.
  • If you want to opt for a relaxing shower, choose to go in with scented candles or essential oil instead of hot baths.
  • Blurred vision and dehydration are also signs of overheating.
  • You can even ask your partner to join you to give you a back massage as it will help you relax and dissolve any stress.
  • Pregnancy can increase the distance between you and your partner, therefore taking a bath together can help you bond, and take out some time for each other.
  • Make sure to keep the bath time short during pregnancy.

Alternative Ways to Relax

Instead of opting for hot shower throughout the pregnancy, you can look for alternatives to relax.


A great alternative to relax your muscles and calm yourself during your pregnancy is to try yoga. It releases endorphins naturally which are necessary for relaxation and is an excellent way to stay fit throughout the pregnancy. However, do poses that is only suitable for pregnant, though.

Cool bath

You can even opt for a cooling shower or sign up for swimming sessions at a pool near you. While a cooling shower may not sound as relaxing as a sauna, it will release pressure off your joints and bones thus leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you have muscle pain, using cold packs will help too.


Meditation is an excellent way to calm yourself down and alleviate anxiety. It does not need special props or setting and can be performed in the comfort of your bedroom. All you need is 10 to 15 minutes daily to focus on nothing but your breathing.

When Should You Shower During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women should pay attention to their hygiene, the water temperature, time for bathing and a lot of other things. It is essential they choose to skip bathing with very hot water as it can be harmful to their health as well as the health of their baby.

During pregnancy, your body is extremely sensitive; therefore, choose not to bath after you just wake up or when it’s too late at night. You need to pick a suitable time during the day when your body is ready for bathing. Just making sure taking a shower at a cool temperature will be fine.

Choose not to bath when you are feeling tired or soon after eating. Also, pay attention to the water temperature as taking cold showers during pregnancy or extremely hot showers are not suitable for the baby and your health as well.

And the Right Temperature Is…

Are you thinking “What is the right temperature of water to take a bath with during pregnancy?” Well, doctors recommend taking short baths with lukewarm water instead of taking hot showers during pregnancy.

The safe temperature for bathing is generally 37 degrees Celsius or 98 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a safe temperature because your body is at a similar temperature. While the sound of hot shower or sauna may seem tempting, make sure to take the necessary precautions and avoid hot shower during pregnancy.

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What Is A Dream Feed? (And Guide To Do It Successfully)

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Do you find the term dream feeding confusing? Individuals who have heard this term for the first time or new parents often find this term confusing over who is feeding and who is dreaming. Want to know more about what is a dream feed? If so, read on to know more about what this technique is all about, whether it is right for you, how to implement it and a lot more!

What is Dream Feeding?

​So, what is a dream feed?

A dream feed is a method of feeding your little one while he is asleep to reduce disturbances and night wakings caused by hunger. It can be done for babies who are being breastfed or bottle fed. Beside dream feeding, there are also other methods called cluster feeding. We have written a post about it too. To read more of it, follow the link.

The process includes picking up the little one who is already asleep gently from the bed, placing him on the mother’s arm and feeding him. During this time, you are not going to change his diaper, tickle his hands, toes or stimulate the baby to wake him up. You can start dream feeding as early as two weeks. However, every child is different, so make sure you do what you think is right for you and your baby as well.

Dream feed technique is simple. Here is a quick guide and some dream feed tips:

  • You can start to dream feed at 11 pm. Slowly pick up the sleeping baby and breastfeed him as you would do normally.
  • However, make sure he is slightly elevated as feeding lying down baby can increase chances of choking.
  • If you are unable to feed the baby in the first attempt, do not give up hope. It may take a couple of attempts to make it a part of your routine.
  • Once fed, try to burp the baby gently. Babies tend to be very relaxed during this time, therefore don’t gulp much air.

If you are bottle feeding your child, the dad can also get involved in the night feeding process.

  • The baby stays in the crib and the nipple of the bottle is gently slipped between his lips.
  • The taste of the milk will be enough to induce the baby to drink the milk.
  • However, make sure there is plenty of milk in the bottle to avoid waking the baby.
  • The baby will sleep through the night and you can dream feed without burping.

Can Babies Suck When They Are Sleeping?


One of the biggest question moms generally have whether their little one will be able to suck when they are asleep? The answer is yes, but here again, some babies are better at sucking as compared to other babies.

Some babies are so deep in sleep that they can’t rouse themselves to suck the milk and thus dream feeding remains ineffective. However, others are better feed during dream feeding than when they feed while being awake.

Why Should I Dream Feed my Baby?

Sleeping and feeding are the two biggest work of an infant. Therefore, it is no surprise that your little one just wakes up when he is hungry and doze off as soon as he is fed. However, a baby brain is not mature enough to separate day from night.

With small stomach, they need to be fed regularly. While cluster feeding can be extremely difficult for new parents, dream feeding your little one will leave you with some energy to indulge in other chores as he will he enjoy his sleep comfortably.

In certain cases, the babies don’t feed well during the day and thus may wake up frequently when they feel hungry at night. This is when dream feeding can make it easy for them to enjoy a longer sleeping period.

Here the parents must remember that more milk the baby had at night, less will be the demand during the day. Therefore, you need to be in control when feeding your baby at night. You still need to strike a balance, though. Always consult your pediatrician to get the best advice that suits you and your baby.

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What Age to Start Dream Feed?

There is no perfect age at which you can introduce dream feeding. However, you may choose to consider having a dream feed schedule if:

  • The baby has been sleeping for a few hours and you are looking forward to going to bed yourself. For instance, if the baby has been last fed at 8 pm and now it is 11 pm, a dream feed may be useful.
  • The baby has started enjoying his continuous long sleep at night. This can happen from 6 weeks onward.
  • You are breastfeeding your baby and your breasts have been uncomfortable and heavy.
  • If your milk supply is low and you need the stimulation for doing more breastfeeds.

How Long to Dream Feed a Baby


Most parents look forward to dropping the dream feed as soon as their little ones start a solid diet which is around 7 or 8 months. However, the transit should be gradual rather than immediate. Choose to wean from the dream feed 15 minutes earlier every 3 days and gradually increase the time. The baby will be less hungry with the earlier dream feed and thus will not drink much.

Is It Too Late To Start?

If your baby is waking up every hour or so through the night, it is always better to give the dream feed a shot. You have nothing to lose here. However, just remember to maintain the new routine and never give up before continuing it for a week. One or two nights are too soon to tell if dream feeding is working for you. However, as your little one gets older, you can always drop it gradually.

Dream Feed Pros and Cons


People must have suggested you to dream feed your 6-month-old to help him sleep for longer periods without waking up. Yes, this is true, but dream feed comes with its own set of pros and cons.


  • Dream feeding often helps the baby sleep for a longer stretch.
  • Even fathers can get involved in bottle feeding the baby without disturbing their sleep cycle.
  • Parents have observed that their little one sleep longer through the night if they are dream fed.
  • There is no need to rouse your baby to dream feed him.
  • Mothers have observed that it is easier to drop a dream feed than dropping a night feed in the early hours.


  • The deepest phase of sleep occurs before midnight; therefore, there are high chances that you may wake your baby with the slightest movement.
  • Your baby may not enjoy bouts of long sleep once he is woken up.
  • Dream feed can induce nighttime feeding habit which may be hard to drop.
  • The baby may still wake up as it does not make much difference to how long they have slept.
  • If your baby has reflux, it is better to avoid dream feed as it could mean that the baby will wake more often in discomfort rather than sleeping peacefully.

To Dream Feed or Not To Dream Feed?

It is up to you to decide whether you want to dream feed your baby or not. However, you must remember that there is no harm in trying it out. If it doesn’t seem to be working for you, you can drop it anytime. On the other hand, if it suits you and your baby, you may end up getting long and peaceful night sleep.

Now that you know what is a dream feed, will you be trying it out? Let us know whether it worked for you or not in the comments below!