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Acupressure for Children: The Natural Way to Heal Your Baby Discomfort or Pain

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For parents, raising kids is like being in a pressure cooker. Anytime the pressure can reach boiling point proportions when your child suffers from discomfort or pain in unlikely moments. The burden and anxiety wreak havoc on both the parent and child. Luckily for parents, there is acupressure for children. This technique can be learned and used without seeking professional medical help.

What is Acupressure?


Acupressure dates back to 5,000 years ago when it was first discovered in Asia. As early as then, the use of hands was found to stimulate the natural self-curative abilities of the human body.

This treatment was derived from acupuncture and the identified pressure points to where the needles are to be inserted to relieve discomfort or pain. Using the acupuncture concept, hands are instead used to apply pressure on the same pressure points.

Today, parents can take comfort in an effective and natural way to ease a child’s discomfort. This is by far the best home remedy tool for the worried parent.

Also, reflexology can be a great thing for kid and toddlers too. Here is a quick video on 5 reflexology techniques for babies and children:

Is Acupressure for Children Safe?

If acupressure is the go-to home treatment, is it safe to apply it to your child?

Valuable Tips

  • Know the acupressure points
    Going by the acupuncture trigger points, there are about 363 of them. However, it is important to have a reference guide to know exactly which ones are for pediatric use and adult application.
  • A parent is the most qualified Acupressurist
    Children feel safest with the parent’s hands. There is immediate trust with a high degree of anticipation for a cure.
  • Your hands are the best tool
    Apply the right amount of finger pressure, with a little time concentration, on a strategic point. Since metals are good conductors of energy, some use coins and other smooth metal objects as aids when applying pressure.
  • Be patient with the treatment
    If in some instances it doesn’t work instantly, be patient. Massaging may take a couple or more times before relief is felt. Unless it doesn’t provide cure as expected, then consult a medical professional.
  • Parent-child bonding
    Expect resistance from the active little ones while doing acupressure. For older toddlers, keeping them in place won’t be much of a problem. To whoever child it is applied, it is an excellent parent-child bonding moment.
  • Keep treatment in check
    The treatment does wonders for the children but you need to limit the time. Remember, moderation is still the best. Perform at least once a day for a chronic condition and two sessions for less or acute condition.
  • Focus on the pressure point
    When massaging your child with tender loving care, remain focused on the pressure point. Accomplish what you set out to do and not jump from one point to another
  • Proper timing
    Prepare the atmosphere for the treatment. Condition your child beforehand and avoid the treatment when your child is tired or hungry. The best time is during feeding time, bath time and just before naps or bedtime.
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What Do Acupressure Cure?


Acupressure for children is a holistic health care method perfectly used in the home. Parents need not be too technical about the whole thing. Just knowing the techniques and how to apply them makes the exercise worthwhile. Once the ailment is pinpointed, get down to the treatment.

  • Acupressure for Kid’s Cough
    We all know the season when the upper respiratory infection in children sets in. A common cough and cold are your typical discomforts. Focus on the third eye located at the center between the two eyebrows. Another point is the middle chest. Apply massage and workout circular motions for about 10 minutes. The soothing feeling clears the discomfort in a day or two.
  • Acupressure to Relieve Colic
    Often times, your baby turn into ‘cry baby’ for 3 continuous hours on end in a day which can last 3 weeks at most. Such condition is called colic. The acupressure point is located where the joint of the finger meets the hand. This point is known as LI2 that is directed at the large intestine 2 where the colic is emanating from. This is also effective to relieve a toothache, sore throat and inflamed gums.
  • Acupressure to Stop Vomiting
    This is one messy occurrence most parents want to avoid. Usually caused by stomach flu, medicine induced, or food intake, children vomit profusely. The points are in the right hand – center of the palm, the mound portion leading to the thumb, and the inner point of the thumb.
  • Acupressure for Hyperactive Child
    Children suffer from leg pains too after hours of playing, running, walking and stretching activities. The acupressure points are in the midpoint of the back ankle, midpoint behind the leg just below the knee. Applying finger pressure and massaging these points give instant relief to the child.
  • Acupressure to Relieve Diarrhea
    If diarrhea severely affects adults, all the more it is distressing for children. The pressure point is in the abdomen – the midpoint between the navel and the lowest point of the ribcage. Apply pressure slowly and see your child’s facial reaction turn from grimace to comfort. Relief takes 24-48 hours with 2 sessions daily.
  • Acupressure for Other Ailments
    There are more significant acupressure points you need to learn about the treatment of the serious types of ailments not listed above. Reference guides are available if you wish to learn about the detailed info on the acupressure points.

Learn and Practice

There is nothing mysterious or thorny about acupressure for children. Parents just need to learn the straightforward instructions and let the hands deliver the loving treatment. The best part is that it was proven to be effective since its introduction several thousand years ago.

The ancient Chinese masters perfected the art of healing through the use of touch to which the flow of energy will lead to relieve the pain anywhere in the body. The cure is certain, with no medical prescription, for the common pediatric complaints. It did not come as a result of extensive medical research work or because of technological advances in medicine. Go natural, go for what is best!

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Parent and Child Team-Up (With Parenting Skills Worksheets)

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Is a lesson plan necessary in parenting? Do parenting skills worksheets help parents in any way to deal with their children effectively? The world of couples takes a sudden turn into uncharted territory when the first news of a baby coming is announced. Feelings of excitement and wonder are natural emotions that will eventually fade when the baby is on board.

Bringing up children is one of the most high-pressured jobs known to man. The pressure experienced in the office pales in comparison. Sometimes, work away from the domestic front is a respite for parents. However, parental responsibilities are inescapable.

Overcoming the Odds


If you are a parent, just imagine how the odds are heavily stacked against you. The pressure begins from infancy, to toddler and teen years, and even up to the adolescent stage. Overwhelming is an understatement.

Is there a scientific approach to developing good parenting skills? Let us list down the important job competencies.

What are the competencies to good parenting skills?

  • Unconditional Love. You need to have a genuine love and deep affection for your child. You are willing to sacrifice and spend as much quality time with them in every stage of their growing years.
  • Manage Your Stress. Accept that parenting brings stress to both parent and child. It is important to manage stress and contain your anger in case you are pushed to the limit. Reduce tension by having a positive attitude that will translate to a positive outcome.
  • Healthy Relationship. When couples have a strong and healthy relationship, plus good social skills when interacting with others, then assuming the parent role is manageable. Involvement of mom and dad in rearing up children is compulsory. Both parents should be in the same wavelength. Children have strong perceptions that they can detect emotional turmoil between parents.
  • Respect and Encouragement. While it is expected that parents rule, children should be treated with respect. Respect is not given but earned. Encourage and prepare your kids to become independent and self-reliant as they grow older.
  • Role Model and Coach. Parents have great influence on their children. A child will always look up to their parents and take after them. Avoid giving mixed signals. Do not teach them good ways if you can’t ‘walk the talk.’
  • Financial Security. Children depend on parents not only for moral support but also rely on their pockets. Providing for food, clothing, and shelter are the basics. Having a steady income to provide for education and plan for their future completes the financial aspect of parenting.
  • Behavior Reinforcement. Motivate your children to practice good habits. Good parenting skills include praising children for good behavior and correcting them for inappropriate manners.
  • Health and Nutrition. Early on, children should be taught to live a healthy lifestyle. Serving food with nutritional value is an integral part of raising children. Keep the family firm through physical conditioning and proper nutrition.
  • Discipline. One of the hardest parenting skills to implement is discipline. This skill is a make or break activity. The desire of every parent is to discipline their children. You have to be firm, fair yet friendly when punishment is to be rendered.

    However, if the punishment is beyond reprimand, it should be fitting to the extent of wrongdoing not exaggerated. Otherwise, you ran the risk of misinterpretation. Your child will have difficulty differentiating a light punishment from a harsh one.
  • Safety First. Safety begins at home. Parents should be a step ahead when children’s safety is concerned. Learn from other parents about safety hacks or develop your own.

    Every precaution should be undertaken to protect the child. Toddlers on the move require stricter protection. For example, here is a post on how to childproof your house cabinets. For the older ones, educate them on safety measures outside the home.

Toggle for more parenting videos

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The Lesson Plan


Parental skills worksheets are engaging tools for parents when interacting with their children. Unlike a teacher’s lesson plan where it tracks academic performance of a child, the purpose of these worksheets is for character building and to develop good behavior.

The Benefits of a Lesson Plan

If you have a wish list for your kid, you can choose from a variety of worksheets designed for a specific purpose, corresponding to age.

  • Goal Sheet. It would be wise to set goals for children to accomplish within a given time frame. Having a sense of accomplishment is morale boosting. Start listing down simple goals that are achievable before moving on to the heavier stuff.
  • Chore Sheet. Similar to a goal sheet, a chore sheet is equally important because you list down tasks that are more specific. Teach your children to be responsible by giving them tasks that need to get done.
  • Reward & Privileges. A fun worksheet where the commendable efforts of children are recorded. Conversely, certain privileges are curtailed because of lack of effort or non-completion of goals. Children will respond better when they score points just like in a board game. Reward them when they shine and penalize them when they slacken.
  • Emotion Worksheet. Children display varied moods and emotions when placed in different situations. However, when reactions are not within acceptable norms, then there is something wrong. It would be clever for a parent to note down a child’s mood swings on a regular basis. Detection of any psychological or emotional distress can help you take action swiftly.

Parents can be creative and design their own worksheets. However, parenting worksheets activities in different formats are available. Do not mind if your children view the worksheets as routine tasks. Remember your underlying reason for using the worksheets is deeper than that.

The Final Take: Parenting Skills Worksheets

Parental skills worksheets are learning tools to mold children while growing up. The worksheet will not make parenting easy, not at all. But will greatly foster cooperation between parent and child.

Visit this website to find a list of useful parenting videos, tips as well as a good list of parenting skills worksheets samples that you can download. You can modify them to suit your needs too.

Since the worksheets are visual, children will respond to it in a positive way. See their eyes light up when they score and gather up the points. As a parent, you score valuable points too when you play the game right. Let’s do parenting right!

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The 4 Best at Home Fetal Doppler (Reduce Anxiety During Your Pregnancy)

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Hearing a sign of life, every day for that matter is enough reassurance everything is well with the baby. Thanks to modern technology, gadgets nowadays can let you listen to your baby heart beat at your comfort of your home. In this post, we will discuss the advantage of owning a home fetal doppler, which one is the best at home fetal doppler and some useful tips.

The Advantages of Owning a Home Fetal Doppler


Expectant parents or first-time mothers undergo pressure when the baby bump is expanding during the months of pregnancy. The tension emanates from inside the womb and to know your baby is doing well inside does help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Here are the advantages of owning a home fetal doppler:

  • Reduce anxiety
    Whenever you want to hear your baby’s heartbeat, a dynamic doppler will come in handy. For couples who experienced complications with the wife’s earlier pregnancy or the case of high-risk pregnancy, this device will lessen anxiety immensely.
  • Listening pleasure
    Every time you hear the baby’s heartbeat, it is always an enjoyable moment. Not only will you listen to the beating of the tiniest of hearts but also detect the baby’s movements inside the tummy. Such a comforting pleasure for the mother when she knows her baby is active and kicking.
  • Bonding during pregnancy
    A mother’s instinct is never lost with this handheld ultrasound device. There is a unique bonding experience with the baby at this early stage. Even bonding with the father and siblings through sound waves is such a momentous occasion. The excitement build-up and heightened anticipation leading to the delivery date becomes a family affair.
  • In the comfort of home
    The best fetal doppler works just like the traditional stethoscope. It is useful for monitoring the baby’s heartbeat in-between medical check-ups. Apart from the ease of handling, the convenience of having this companion at home just to make sure the little angel inside the womb is active and safe.

Some Careful Tips


Knowing how an ultrasound monitor can be a helpful companion at home, there are certain things you need to know too before buying a fetal heart monitor:

  • Find out first and check if the device you intend to purchase is FDA approved. The best at home fetal Doppler ultrasound monitor is classified as a class II device and therefore falls under FDA’s regulation.
  • Inform and seek your doctor’s prior approval before buying the product.
  • Manage your expectations and know that the medical grade of the device is not comparable to those used at the medical clinics or hospitals.
  • Follow the instructions for use strictly. As suggested by the FDA, this ultrasound device should be used in moderation and not for extended hours or as you desire. A ten-minute use would be sufficient.
  • Doctors warn too of the possibility of overlooking some signs of distress while using the device. Limit its function to its main purpose and avoid over-reliance on the product.
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The Best at Home Fetal Doppler

If you went to online shopping website like the Amazon, you would find that there are hundreds of dopplers listing but how do we tell which one is the best at home fetal doppler? Because of this, we have screen through hundreds of fetal dopplers but to find limited models that are considering.

Since the customer reviews are limited in this product category, the review below will focus on the top 2 brands. However, it doesn’t mean the other brands are not as efficient.

Wusic Heartbeat Baby Monitor

  • This product garnered the most number of reviews among the other and rated as the best-seller.
  • This Doppler also has the highest Net Customer Satisfaction grade compare to other models.
  • The main selling point is you can hear the baby’s heartbeat, kicks, and other movements.
  • The product package includes two sets of ear buds which were intended for both parents to enjoy.
  • The device is compact, lightweight and easy to operate.
  • It runs on a 9-volt alkaline battery (included) and with a volume adjuster.
  • For an added timeless keepsake, the baby sounds can be recorded and uploaded to your laptop or computer and share with your loved ones.
  • A lubricating gel is not included in the package. But the liberal use of the clear gel (Aloe Vera, KY, and other related gels), not the colored ones or lotion, is recommended to diminish the static effect resulting from moving the monitor around the belly area. Or you can opt for the Spectra 360 electrode gel which is non-irritating, hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic salt-free and no sodium ion transfer.
  • While the product info states the device works best after the 4th month (16 weeks), the baby’s heartbeat can be heard in 9 ½ weeks and even before the prescribed 16th week.
  • Once you are zoned in inside a quiet room, the sound is amazingly clearer.
  • The device is not digital yet, but you can count the heartbeats if you so desire.
  • One item that needs improvement is the headphone. A quality headphone would boost its quality to near perfect.

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic - Listening to the sounds your baby makes is like music to a mommy's ears! The perfect pregnancy gift for a new mommy
Price Disclaimer


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Medi-K

  • Just like the top gizmo, this second best is safe and non-invasive.
  • The product has the same features as the first and works with the same effectiveness.
  • To eliminate static noises, baby oil works best instead of gel or lotion.
  • Similar instances of early heartbeat detection were reported as early as 8 months and again before the 16 weeks period.
  • Recording the sounds is also a remarkable feature for keep’s sake.
  • The product also operates on a 9-volt battery, but a slight pitfall is the battery being too small to fit the slot.
Price Disclaimer


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Other Worth Considering Home Fetal Dopplers


Editor Rating



Price Range*






*For more information about NCS (Net Customer Satisfaction) grade, please click here. (Price range: $ = $1 - $10 / $$ = $11 - $25 / $$$ = $26 - $50 / $$$$ = $51 - $75 / $$$$$ = $76 - $100 / $$$$$$ = Above $100)

Final Point

Always remember that even the best at home fetal doppler is not a replacement for regular pre-natal care by your licensed physician. The product was developed primarily for doctors to use. But since advances in technology continue to work wonders, more and more easy-to-use devices geared for use at home are forthcoming.

In the meantime, nothing can be more magical than hearing a baby’s heartbeat inside the womb. Life is indeed precious.

So, if we were to pick the best at home fetal doppler, we would go with the Wusic Heartbeat Baby Monitor due to its excellent features and easy to use. Not only that, this fetal doppler has a lot of good ratings, as well as many previous buyers, are satisfied with their purchases of this fetal doppler which I believe you would too!

List Price: $55.67 Price: $55.67 You Save: $4.28 List Price: $75.00 Price: $51.90 You Save: $23.10

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5 Best Car Window Shades for Baby to Block Harmful UV-Ray and Heats

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Are you worried about your baby suffering under the heat and glare of the sun in the back seat? Are your windows not tinted enough to protect him from exposure to UV rays? In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top five best car window shades for baby.

Babies have considerably more delicate and sensitive skin which is why finding the best car window shade is needed to protect them from the harsh and damaging effects of direct sunlight and UV-ray - especially if you travel frequently.

5 Best Car Window Shades for Baby


Premium Giraffe Design Sunshade by EZ-Bugz

  • Mesh fabric and easy to install
  • Standard Size 17" x 14"
  • Comes with 2 high quality suction cups per shade

Car sun shades, premium giraffe design sunshade by EZ-Bugz, 2 pieces, shade & protect baby infant child, block UV rays driving in summer + winter, best universal auto accessories for side window
Price Disclaimer


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


*For more information about NCS (Net Customer Satisfaction) grade, please click here.

Kinder Fluff Car Sun Shade

  • Mesh fabric and dual layer design
  • Comes in a pack of two and size of 19” x 12”
  • Easy to install static cling back
  • Blocks over 98% of harmful and strong UV Rays
Price Disclaimer


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


KALMORE Static Cling Car Window Shades

Price Disclaimer


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


SAMRO Premium Baby Car Window Shades

  • Blocks nearly 99% of harmful UV rays
  • New improved quality materials for extended durability
  • Comes with Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
Price Disclaimer


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Sun Shade Sox Universal Fit Window Sun Shades

  • Absorbs 84% of harmful UV sun rays
  • Double layer and covers windows completely
  • Made from stretchable material
  • Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) tested
Price Disclaimer


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


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Keeping Your Baby Safe


Vehicles are just as important to baby-proof as homes. Often, parents overlook doing so. Fortunately, baby proofing the car is relatively easy. Let’s look at just some essential steps you need to make your vehicle baby safe:

Strap up

There’s a high chance your baby won’t be too excited about getting strapped into his car seat. Just stay calm if he ends up crying or screaming to ensure what you’re doing is going to keep him in his seat properly. We’ve got an extensive list of the best baby car seat here.

Safety tips! Purchase used car seat only if you are 100% confident of its history.

The best seat

Ideally, your baby’s travel seat should be in the middle back seat as it is the furthest distance from the sides of the car. It also prevents your baby from playing around with switches and locks on the door.

Stay alert

Turning around while driving screams danger and studies have shown that little kids can be very distracting. Monitor your baby with the addition of a safety mirror like this one from Cozy Greens which allows you to attach directly to the rear seat headrest so you can easily see your baby by looking in your rear mirror.

Now the problem with having a rear facing child seat is that without turning around you can’t easily see your child. Turning around while driving is a dangerous practice and studies have shown that small children can be just as distracting as a mobile phone. So how do you monitor your cheeky passenger without turning around?

My recommendation: Choose curved face mirrors. This creates a better viewing angle and is useful if you have more than one baby seats in the back. You get to see all your children at once.

Child locks

By child-locking the doors your little one will be unable to open the doors from the inside, preventing doors from being opened while driving. You will be required to open the door from the outside when the child lock is switched on.

Many cars nowadays allow the windows to be locked down and preventing children from using them as a plaything or throwing toys through the open window. See more baby-proofing car tips here.


Window tinting may not adequately prevent the harsh sunlight from going through to your baby’s skin. A baby sunshade for car windows provides an additional layer of protection between the sun and your child.

Take note though that window shades for baby are either sticker sun shades which is a semi-permanent solution which you can cut to suit any car window size. Fabric sun shades, on the other hand, are less permanent, and repositioning is made easy.

So, if we were to make a choice for the best car sun shade for baby, the Kinder Fluff car window sunshade is definitely our best pick. Not only does this sunshade has great features like blocking over 98% of harmful and strong UV rays, but it also received excellent product ratings, and we also found out that thousand over of buyers are satisfied with their purchase of this car sun shade.

So we are confident that the Kinder Fluff is an excellent car sun shade to use for your baby.

List Price: $14.97 Price: $14.97 List Price: $10.99 Price: $10.99 List Price: $9.99 Price: $9.99 List Price: $33.95 Price: $11.95 You Save: $22.00 List Price: $24.78 Price: $16.78 You Save: $8.00